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Just copy and paste the url above too connect too spooncraft!

Unique Design

Our Admins have worked very hard to create a unique experience on Spooncraft. Integrated commands provide in-game economy, easy navigation, sethomes, and more!

Well Maintained Service

With regular server maintenance and active administration on the backend AND the front end of the player experience, we aim to create a server that is always running!

Classic with a Twist

Looking for more than regular survival minecraft? Look no further for a combination of vanilla and customised command structures blended like the perfect milkshake!

A Minecraft experience with amazing features

Everyone at Spooncraft has worked hard to bring new features to life inside the game. There are new tools, new armours, and new mobs all built and customised to fit our server uniquely; try a hammer to mine 3×3 tunnels quickly, explore new caves and battle new mobs! With all the new things to try in Spooncraft, its hard to be bored! Try one of the Ender Bows to travel vast distances or use your new redstone tools to light up a flying machine!