Spooncraft+ is our main server. Here we have a few plugins and game features that change some of how Minecraft is played. This can vary from things like new tools, to being able to read a book without taking it out of an item frame. Tweaks like this make a server unique, and I hope that you enjoy playing on our server because of these features!

People ask me all the time “what’s so special about your server” and that can be hard to answer. What do I mention first.. The new tools? The Creepers? It’s hard to decide what feature is the best one so I’ve gathered together a list of some of our coolest features. 

– Spooner. 

Spawn is packed with cool things like parkour, pvp, and loot crates. There’s a few NPC quests you can start from spawn, a cool “New in version X” area where you can see the newest additions to Minecraft, and even Vote Traders to trade those fancy voting tokens for items! 

Around the world you’ll find all kinds of unique tweaks we’ve made to the server:

• Region Posts make it easy to tp back and forth with your friends. – A region is an area 400 x 400 blocks. Its scanned regularly to make sure there are enough resources for players to use for building. During scans the area is also checked for player activity, so that new players can easily find an area with active players to play with.
• All sorts of new tools that you can read about below, built by the amazing Chrismin13
• Set Home – Get back to your base quickly! Every player has 1 set home and a Home at your last used bed. (Donors have access to extra homes)
• TP from any region post* 
• Use Jobs to earn money to buy blocks from other players or in game stores
• Grab a golden shovel from your new player kit and lay down a claim! – Claims are protected areas where only you and your trusted allies can build or use chests. You can earn more space by playing the game! Players start with 100 claim blocks and earn 100 for each hour of active play time.

Donor Features:
Donations are the best way to support your favorite server. But for those who want to get some bang for your buck we have Donor Ranks. Each rank has access to commands and areas other players don’t. 
• Every rank includes bonus claim blocks, loot chest keys, XP levels, and more!
• Donor / Donor+ players get neat shortcuts to crafting tables and enderchests using commands like /craft
• VIP / VIP+ players get access to more kits than other ranks, plus all the same areas as lower ranks. 


*You will need to be near a Region Post to teleport.  
 – Players can’t take the “easy way out” when exploring in deep caves or travelling far from home. 
– Its always easy to find other people to play with because its more convenient to build near a Post. 
– As regions become more popular, they get named by the community. This makes it even easier to remember where everyone is