Spooncraft Donor

Spooncraft Donor


Choose this to make a donation to Spooncraft. Each donation helps us the pay for our server hosting.



Thanks for helping us keep the server active and up to date!

Donations allow us to keep the server running, and it helps to add new features, and maintenance for the machines running our servers.

Buy subscribing to SpoonCraft you’ll get access to long range teleports in our Survival server, early access to new servers or features, and more!

This package include:

An in-game Prefix: [D] {Username}


  • 16 Diamonds
  • 15 XP levels


  • Access to the Donor TP pads
    (Extends the random teleport from inside 5k blocks, to inside 20k blocks)
  • Access to Donor Particle Effects
    (Its inside a secret room!)
  • Recieve 2 vote tokens instead of 1!


After you’ve donated, talk to us on Discord and in-game to recieve your rewards!
This is a subscription package.
For $5 every month; each month, you will receive a fresh supply drop!
This package auto renews each period.


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