How do I claim land on the modded server?

Well to protect your stuff we’ve added the plugin, red protect, with two ways for better progression shown below:


Method 1: Fence and Sign method

  1. Surround your house with a retangular or square fences.
  2. Put a sign next or attached to the block you used to surround your region, and write [rp] on first line.
  3. Leave the second line blank or give a name for your region.
  4. Use the 3 and 4 lines to add friends as leader on your region, or leave blank if you want to add after.
  5. Create more regions inside another region to create a village, or a city, then give member or admin to other players in this regions.

Method 2: Claim Wand

  1. Use the command /rp wand;
  2. With wand tool, choose one corner with right click, and the oposite corner with left click, making a squared region;
  3. Use the command /rp claim [NemoOfRegion] [additional owner] to claim a region with you as owner. All [] argumments is optional;


And that’s it! All done and protected!